Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Week 1 match-ups

Victories over guys with LT and Alexander in week 1 would be, as they say, sweet.

Keeper League

QB - Mark Brunell (was)___D Culpepper (mia)
WR - S Moss (was)_______C Chambers (mia)
WR - J Horn (no)_______A Johnson (hou)
WR - D Driver (gb)______R Brown (phi)
RB - R Johnson (cin)_____S Alexander (sea)
RB - B Westbrook (phi)___Julius Jones (dal)
TE - C Cooley (was)______Heath Miller (pit)
K - J Reed (pit)_________J Elam (den)
D - Z Thomas (mia)_____Do Edwards (SD)
D - C Tillman (chi)______M Peterson (jac)
DB - M Lewis (phi)______L Milloy (atl)
DB - G Wilson (nyg)_____C Gamble (car)
DL - M Washington (was)_L Briggs (chi)
DL - K Brooking (atl)_____O Thurman (cin)
Projected 82 ________

Defensive League

QB T Green (kc)______E Manning (nyg)
WR J Walker (den)____T Owens (dal)
WR B Engram (sea)____R Moss (oak)
RB R Johnson (cin)____L Tomlinson (sd)
RB B Westbrook (phi)___M Alstott (tb)
W/T K McCardell (sd)___TJ Houshmanz.. (cin)
W/R F Gore (sf)______A Randel El (was)
K J Reed (pit)________A Vinatieri (ind)
D B Urlacher (chi)_____B Pool (cle)
D A Crowell (buf)______D Bly (det)
D R Harrison (ne)_____R Mathis (jac)
DB A Wilson (ari)_____L Sheppard (phi)
DB R Barber (tb)______J Lynch (den)
DB C Tillman (chi)____- - empty - -
DL K Brooking (atl)____L Foote (pit)
DL L Fletcher (buf)____P Tinoisamoa (stl)
DL N Barnett (gb)_____D Coakley (stl)

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