Thursday, August 31, 2006

They should have stayed lost

Unfinished. Unfunny.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Trade Offer

from my Keeper league

This from a guy who has Clinton Portis and Domanick Davis as his only RBs. Meanwhile Ive got 3 QBs and 3 WRs better than what he offered. Hilarious.

My response: 'HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA' 'rejected'

Aint that a Bitch

So... we go looking for my new car,

and there it is in the showroom, orange, rims, spoiler, even the SWT chrome tailpipe. But whats this? an automatic. Do they have a manual on the lot? in the city? state? No. What the fuck? You try to sell a sporty hatchback but you dont have a manual transmission. Ri - god dam - diculous.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Draft #2 the Keeper League

Keeper league, for those that dont know, means unlike most league where you just start over next year with a new draft and a new team, you get to keep a couple players from this year.

Dropped Spencer, a back up DB for Mark Brunell. so now Ive got 3 QB's. which cant hurt. and possible trade bait later. I'd rank myself at 2nd or 3rd in the league.

QB B. Roethlisberger (Pit - QB) last years points - 132
WR Sa. Moss (Was - WR) - 114
WR D. Driver (GB - WR) - 89
WR J. Horn (NO - WR) - 29
RB R. Johnson (Cin - RB) - 135
RB B. Westbrook (Phi - RB) - 98
TE C. Cooley (Was - TE) - 71
BN T. Jones (Chi - RB) - 113
BN Mi. Vick (Atl - QB) - 135
BN A. Toomer (NYG - WR) - 73
BN M. Brunell (Was - QB) - 143
K J. Reed (Pit - K) - 116

D Z. Thomas (Mia - DL) - 125
D C. Tillman (Chi - DB) - 116
DB M. Lewis (Phi - DB) - 106
DB G. Wilson (NYG - DB) - 108
DL M. Washington (Was - DL) - 104
DL K. Brooking (Atl - DL) - 111
BN L. Marshall (Was - DL) - 107
BN A. Winfield (Min - DB) - 107

Dots car wreck

For those who havnt seen it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Condo finally sold!

Paper work done. check in the bank. Which means...

Im getn' a new car. More than likely that one. A Suzuki Reno. Because Im too cheap to buy a Mini-Cooper.

what DO you do all day?

Well, from now until December, this.

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