Thursday, September 21, 2006

Spoiler, Spolier, where for art thou spoiler?

"we never received that work order" thanks bell road suzuki. Its only been, what, a month?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


The point leading RBs in my Defensive league.


A Tie!!!

Well aint that a bitch.

Thanks for nothing Reed. Absolutely nothing. And yes, he has been replaced.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Defensive League wk2

Dropping Caldwell & Smith. Who just arent getting it done. Trent Green I can pick up later if I want.

Ouch! 79 point victory and I still have my Kicker to go.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Trade help

My Team, with its un-productive WRs

This guy needs RB help and Im eyeing Stallworth.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Were 36th! were 36th

We may not be the cleanest. but we're the most Toxic! Hoo-ray!!

Worst. Trade. Ever.

That crack aint no joke.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Choose my Rims [update 2]

[update] Tyra likes my choice of #7. so its a tie. and a tie goes to the runner, and since its my car Im the runner. so #7 it is.

So far I only have votes from Marcus and Dot. Surprisingly they both choose 5 and 8. Marcus also liked #3 but that ones just to flat. And my favorite, #7 was left out in the cold.



Fun with Fantasy Football. from my Keeper league.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

We Have Toilet

A house isnt a home until you can crap in it.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Week 1 match-ups

Victories over guys with LT and Alexander in week 1 would be, as they say, sweet.

Keeper League

QB - Mark Brunell (was)___D Culpepper (mia)
WR - S Moss (was)_______C Chambers (mia)
WR - J Horn (no)_______A Johnson (hou)
WR - D Driver (gb)______R Brown (phi)
RB - R Johnson (cin)_____S Alexander (sea)
RB - B Westbrook (phi)___Julius Jones (dal)
TE - C Cooley (was)______Heath Miller (pit)
K - J Reed (pit)_________J Elam (den)
D - Z Thomas (mia)_____Do Edwards (SD)
D - C Tillman (chi)______M Peterson (jac)
DB - M Lewis (phi)______L Milloy (atl)
DB - G Wilson (nyg)_____C Gamble (car)
DL - M Washington (was)_L Briggs (chi)
DL - K Brooking (atl)_____O Thurman (cin)
Projected 82 ________

Defensive League

QB T Green (kc)______E Manning (nyg)
WR J Walker (den)____T Owens (dal)
WR B Engram (sea)____R Moss (oak)
RB R Johnson (cin)____L Tomlinson (sd)
RB B Westbrook (phi)___M Alstott (tb)
W/T K McCardell (sd)___TJ Houshmanz.. (cin)
W/R F Gore (sf)______A Randel El (was)
K J Reed (pit)________A Vinatieri (ind)
D B Urlacher (chi)_____B Pool (cle)
D A Crowell (buf)______D Bly (det)
D R Harrison (ne)_____R Mathis (jac)
DB A Wilson (ari)_____L Sheppard (phi)
DB R Barber (tb)______J Lynch (den)
DB C Tillman (chi)____- - empty - -
DL K Brooking (atl)____L Foote (pit)
DL L Fletcher (buf)____P Tinoisamoa (stl)
DL N Barnett (gb)_____D Coakley (stl)

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Help Choose my Rims

Not only did I settle for red. I also settled for Hubcaps!! AAhhhhh!! Ugly plastic wheel covers and black, ugly steel wheels will not last. Pick your Favorite.


New Cars

Mine. Had to settle for red, apparently the only 5 speed on the west coast.
My spoilers are on order

Better Late then Never

Birthday + Cheerleading fun.
Click for regular size.

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